Awesome People

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Oct 222015

Today is my last ever shift with my team mate at The Farm. For two years Ally and I have been working together entertaining each other at work whilst also being the ‘Dreem Teem’ who are, if I do say so myself, awesome at our job.

The Dreem Teem

Toby & Ally, the Dreem Teem

We have become great friends, always making each other laugh, always trying to find new ways to have fun, always able to work together to get through a massive stack of work, fix an enormous and difficult issue, or just lark about when there is little work on. We’ve laughed so hard we’ve cried, we’ve stressed so hard we’ve cried, we’ve had days where we look at each other come handover time and said “pub?” both for celebration and for commiseration purposes. In short, the reason why I have loved my job so much is almost entirely down to our friendship. No matter how enjoyable or depressing the work you do is if you have friendships with those you work with you will enjoy your work so much more.

She isn’t the only one either; there are plenty of people with whom I work who are great fun to be around – many of my good friends are people I have worked with, forging great relationships through our shared experience of hellish clients, fantastic programmes, and days with too much to do, not enough machines to do it on. I look forward to creating more great friendships as I embark on a freelance career working closer with productions to produce fantastic programming – who knows, one day I may have the pleasure of working with you!

So here’s to the awesome people of TV! Long may you continue to perpetuate awesomeness via the medium of video!