Jan 092017

Rather than do a week by week I have decided to just amalgamate the holiday period into one blog. During the Friday afternoon lunch and drinks with the A&E team I had received an email asking if I meet with the series director of my next project, but as I had already booked transport home they booked me in for a phone call instead. During the call on Monday we chatted about my previous work, what I expect to get out of the job and my plans for the future as well as how this series would differ from the previous, plans for how we would work together, and reasons for it being delayed. It’s all down to logistics; a change of location and therefore group of people we will be filming. I’m sure I’ll be able to elaborate once I am working on it but for now suffice to say that it has similarities with the aforementioned issues that 999: What’s Your Emergency? faced. At the time of the call the director was still unable to give a definite date but said he was looking at a mid January start on casting so that filming would start early February with my job starting a week behind that – he’d keep in touch over the holiday to let me know if there was any progression.

By this time I had resigned myself to accepting that I would most likely spend January unemployed and had managed to plan for it so that I would be fine if I was unable to find filler work. January is quiet at best in TV so other than long term jobs starting up there isn’t a lot going. If I don’t start in February things will be more difficult but I shan’t worry about that until it becomes a prospect.

Over New Years I saw a job on Facebook which looks perfect; junior or assistant editor wanted to cut a few taster reels for international versions of programmes. Having already cut development tasters for in a previous job and with my editing experience on A&E I thought I would be just right for it and it was advertised as being a couple of weeks work or so in January. I applied but didn’t get it, however the person offering the job emailed me to say that whilst they filled the position quickly they were impressed with my CV and would get in touch if they ever had other similar work. It was a nice response to get and filled me with confidence. I then received an email in the New Year saying the new project were still unsure of the exact date but we would definitely be starting in February, perhaps nearer the end though. This is still ok but I warned that if it were to be later I would have to look for other work.

Over Christmas we started planning a family holiday that had been mooted earlier in the year. I was initially looking forward to it and had decided to book out the 2 weeks well in advance but in the last weeks of A&E I heard there is the possibility of the next series starting earlier than this one which would most likely clash with this holiday. The Garden run a scheme on 24 Hours in A&E designed to progress edit assistants to editors, with quite a few of the alumni returning as editors. I missed out on the opportunity this time as I had already booked two weeks in Thailand in August which they said they couldn’t work around when starting in June, and with the feedback I received upon finishing this contract I would be stupid to miss it next time so therefore I cannot commit to any holiday during that time just in case. I Shall email the producers in the coming week to see if they have an idea as to when they will start up again – despite not yet being finished on this series.

I will probably continue with more sporadic updates to this blog whilst I am unemployed as I am not as actively seeking work, knowing that I intend to start a longish contract in February which I don’t want to double book myself for.

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