Feb 082017

I’ve been keeping in conversation with both the editor and the edit producer for the first episode I was credited on for A&E (yes, there have now been a few) and the editor mentioned he has given my name to someone looking for an assistant. I received a call two days later for a possible two weeks work which is better than nowt – in fact two weeks work a month will cover my rent and bills with just enough money for food so I’m fairly happy. We exchanged a few emails and I discovered they need someone to prep for an international reversion of a series. This usually means stripping all the music and graphics that are not licensed for worldwide broadcast, cutting out any interviews or pieces to camera that are not relevant to the worldwide audience, and maybe removing the VO for a re-recording. It looks like this is on a series of about 6-10 episodes so there’s a fair amount of work, perhaps not two weeks but then perhaps they want me to prep some of the new material too – cut down interviews or something.

I’ve now been confirmed for one week with the second week still a pencil. I have a hunch it won’t last two weeks and I haven’t heard anything from the Bristol job so I assume it’s gone to someone more local. Despite frequently looking I haven’t seen anything else relevant posted on any of my main job sites but I’m starting to see more and more producer / production manager / production coordinator jobs going up so programmes are starting to get underway, it’ll just be a few months before anything reaches post.

After being confirmed for the reversion job I saw a company looking for assistants available immediately for about three weeks work. I considered it but for 2 things; I am not free immediately due to this reversioning job but more importantly the three week job is with a company I have been told to avoid. Apparently no one likes working for them and they aren’t very prompt at paying. If I had nothing else I would probably have applied but I think I’ll skip it this time. We’ll see how wise a decision that turns out to be. I’m looking forward to being back at work if only for a week. At least it should keep me busy.

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