Oct 152016

I thought it might be fun to start a weekly blog about working in TV. Whilst I can’t promise it will be up to date hopefully it might make me blog a little more… Lets see.


Today was just a simple nose to the grind kind of day. Currently I am working on 24 Hours in A&E for the Garden Productions on a 5 week contract. My job is to trawl through all the rig footage looking for nonspecific GVs to be used as cover, transition, or punctuation shots. It is a little like scrolling through days of CCTV looking for nothing much rather than actual events.


Same as Monday really. There is another guy doing the same as me who worked on previous series’. He is an interesting person to talk to, not least because of his spanish origins but also his inquisitive nature, and we have a lot of conversations bourne of the content we are working on. I also started to panic a little at Wednesday’s schedule.


Today I was on a half work day as I had agreed to go back to my school for a careers evening and give advice to students thinking about getting into TV. Before I left London I met a former colleague for lunch and a catch up. Her job is more managerial but still in TV. She had some interesting thoughts on how she can improve the way her team works but mostly we reminisced and talked of festivals and family.

On the train to Leicester I gathered my thoughts and notes to create a single reference page in a notebook to aid me at the careers evening. I arrived early to check out my old media department and discovered it has gone from good to amazing. When I was about 14 I was shown the single ‘edit suite’ at our school which was filled with the normal crap you would find in an old BBC CTA along with a couple of knackered PowerMac G4s running Final Cut Pro – there I fell in love with the idea of editing. Here I could be technical and creative, the latter of which had mostly evaded me due to an inability to draw and only a modicum of musical ability. When I visited today I was amazed to find they now had 2 (much tidier) suites, each with 4 Final Cut Pro machines also running Adobe Creative Suite as well as two teachers and two classrooms (when I had only one of each) both with numerous more computers all running Adobe Creative Suite. The standard of work had always been extremely high but now the volume of excellence is immense. I am so pleased to see this especially as I had been worried about its future as the original head of department, whose personal project the media school had been, retired as I left.

The careers evening took place in the sports hall where I had a small desk in the corner of a room that was full of big displays and numerous professionals from all walks of life. As mentioned before I had been a little apprehensive both because most alumni of my school are in banking, law, medicine, the forces or other similar professions and I felt a little small in comparison, and also because I wasn’t all too sure what I was going to say. I ended up with a queue of students and parents, many of whom I’m sure I didn’t get the chance to speak to but those I did seemed very happy with what I had to say. Most of my notes were disregarded as I just didn’t have the time to get through it all and I ended up having to talk at such a rate of knots I fear most of my words were forgotten shortly after I said them.

But I think I did a good job of giving them advice. My reason for being there was to do better than I had received. When I was doing my GCSEs we had a careers guy come round for one to one sessions who was useless to me. I had by this time set my heart on editing and when I told him he looked thoughtful and said “Tricky one that. Very difficult industry to get into. My advice would be think of a backup plan in case it doesn’t work out.” His advice sucked. I like to think I did better. I felt pretty awesome about it all afterwards but also pretty knackered.


Thursday was basically the same as the beginning of week but for the fact that in the morning I picked up a pen and tablet to play with – all editors like a new toy. Mine was something I had considered before plenty of times but never felt the need to commit. Earlier last week I had been feeling a little ache in my hand from all the scrolling and decided it was high time to invest. I’m quite pleased with it. Now all I need is a carry case to keep it nice and shiny.


Friday was no different. Still using the pen and tablet. On a bit of a comedown so went straight home after work – odd for a Friday.

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