Nov 152016


Today was mostly spent cutting interstitials, which is nice. I was given another next time tease and promised a 3rd later this week. Generally a good day.


More cutting today. Really enjoying it, which is good since it’s what I’ve been wanting since I was 15. Today’s awesome thing was seeing one editor react to an interstitial I’d cut in the same way I would react to one when watching it at home – and this from someone who does this as their day job!


Today I watched possibly the best episode of 24 Hours in A&E I have ever seen. It is an episode I am doing the next time tease for and I was just in awe from start to finish. Sadly the editor who cut it finished last week but I had the chance to say how much I loved it to the edit producer. I then spoke to the finishing editor who has been giving me most of these editing opportunities and told him how brilliant I thought it was (he agreed) and I compared it to an episode from a while back that I also loved which it turns out he cut! It was weird realising that for the past month or so [more in fact as we worked together on The Supervet] I have been working with someone who is like a celebrity to me. I then had to cut the next time.

This was no mean feat. I spent ages just thinking about how to construct it. Part of me wanted to break the mould of A&E next times but then I felt that wouldn’t really work so instead I just tried to make the best next time I could. The format is usually to take a number of the best hits or moments from the main two stories and cut them together to create a sense of impending drama that builds towards a muted ‘boom’ like a bass drop at the end with, if possible, a light hearted or comedic element somewhere along the way. The difficulty is getting all that in the space of 30 seconds and making sure it’s visually legible: you’ve got to be able to understand what you just saw. With this episode there are just so many hits and moments of real drama to choose from, it took me a long time just to whittle it down to even nearly the 30 second duration. I wasn’t perfectly happy with my result – it feels like too much in too short a time and seems rushed which doesn’t do it justice but I’m working with the finishing editor to improve it.


Having been asked to search for some particular GVs I managed to dig up some interesting character moments relating to a particular episode. The series producer and editor of the episode were impressed and ended up putting them in their cut. I spent more time fine tuning the next times I’ve been working on this week and started on more interstitials. Just lots of cutting which is pretty fantastic. I realise I haven’t done any work on the wedding video yet. Looks like I’ll be starting on Sunday from scratch. I should probably email the guy to ask for the music.


I got a bit frustrated whilst working with some of the music tracks composed for the show. I was finding it hard getting them to fit my interstitial thematically. I left it to do something else for a bit then eventually fixed it. Nonetheless I noted a slight boredom in my work. Interstitials are fun enough but they are just 40-80 seconds of general shots that make an interesting scene. I’m just keen to work on something meatier.


I set an alarm and actually got up early on a Sunday for once. I had to get started on the wedding video and was actually kind of looking forward to a day in a suite working away at it. I had a frustrating start, however, as straight from the off I had several crashes whilst trying to just put the media in a timeline to view it. After what felt like an hour going round in circles I eventually discovered there was a single clip that was in some way corrupt. My attempts to fix it didn’t work either so I just left it out. I feel like I made fair progress although I guess I’d like to have done more as it eases my workload for the evenings this week where I intend to do more. Hopefully.

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