Jan 062017


I started my last week on 24 Hours in A&E by seeing the editor about the email from Friday. He is in the same position as most editors in the mad rush to Christmas and needs interstitials, STAT! I was given an entire 8 hour shift and told to find interstitials from that. Unfortunately there was not a lot to work with in this period but I managed to pull 15 minutes of useable material and cut 1 interstitial. I also finished one of the staff ones I’d been doing and gave it to him as well. I then tidied up the next time from Friday that we had rushed out the door. One of the changes had been to change the music to have a boom at the end rather than the silence I had used to go with the natural punctuation from the action. This took a while as it meant other edits needing changing to match music cues but I made it work. Interestingly, after the series producer reviewed the changes, he decided that my original idea was better and so we reverted to it.


This morning I was given another next time for an episode where there isn’t much drama – there are no red phones and very few punch points. It’s still an interesting episode, we just don’t have that jeopardy moment when the call comes in and the ambulance arrives. I think I managed to get enough drama into the next time and the editor was happy with it. An exec producer saw it briefly and asked for one change (which I agree with, it improves it) and the series producer asked for another, also not unreasonable, change.


Busy day today; most of the exec and series producers are rushing between suites and difficult to track down yet every time they pass my desk I get a new request. First was another minor change to next time, then I was tasked with completing a quick interstitial for an editor who had started already, then we had an urgent request to find a new top of show interstitial, preferably from the receptionists as they are usually a good way of starting the programme. The problem we have is that by now all of the good stuff that has been pulled has been used, therefore the best plan of action was to trawl through and find more. We’ve started finding usable stuff but nothing that great. We’ll have to continue tomorrow.


Still trawling through the many conversations of the receptionists. One I found and cut was going to be used until a reshuffle of receptionist moments between episodes meant that it wasn’t needed for this one. Instead it was given to another editor working on an episode to be completed in the new year. During all this I was given about half a dozen more changes to the next time for the non dramatic episode. The series producer has accepted we are limited by the episode’s content but the exec keeps trying to eek out a little more from it, which I guess is their job, I just feel ill and I’m going to a Christmas party tonight, not for A&E but the company I was working for on Supervet and before that 999: What’s Your Emergency?


Even busier than yesterday I am given a last minute next time that wants finishing before 2pm when we all plan to go for a Christmas lunch. This episode is much easier than the last as it is more dramatic and has some great characters but I still have to wait for busy producers to find time to view, change, and sign it off. I eventually get the go ahead to organise an upload to go to channel just as we all gather for a quick thank you from the execs and the handing out of small bottles of fizz before going for lunch. I’m saddened to discover that some of the production team (those I would have preferred to sit and chat with as I speak to them rarely during work) are unable to join as they are just too busy. Still feeling ill, I join for the meal and a quick drink afterwards before collecting my stuff and leaving work for the last time this year. Another time I would have revelled in staying out as long as possible as I’m sure some of the stalwarts would have kept the party going long into the night, but not this time. A bit anticlimactic but I can live with that.

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