Nov 202016


A new member to one of the WhatsApp groups I’m in was introduced today, they’re a new graduate and I decided to contact them directly to give some advice. I have a strong notion of helping others within the industry, especially those at the beginning of their career. My motto is taken from a quote from Kevin Spacey: If you’ve done well, it’s your obligation to spend a good portion of your time sending the elevator back down. How much my advice helps those remains to be seen, but I’m always eager to help. I started going through a C story that is currently not being used but held as a backup for an episode. I’m doing it mostly for myself but partly as it could be used as an interstitial story. I spoke to an editor about their process for going through a story and how they get it from hours of raw footage to a cut story and I’ll try and emulate this to learn it for myself – this is what I’m doing about that boredom I mentioned last week. 


Having finished going through the C story I have found that there probably isn’t enough in it for an actual story but I’ll try. Perhaps I could make it into several interstitials that convey the story. I was given a next time for the episode that the finishing editor is going to cut next and I managed to completed it before he even had a chance to watch the latest cut, so he watched my coming up first. Then I was given another next time by the editor whose ‘what happened next’ sequence I cut. After last night I’m seriously considering my work/life balance as this wedding video is really taking up my own time. I’d really rather not be spending my evenings worrying that I haven’t done enough on it. I tried to do some more work on it this evening but then discovered, not unexpectedly and yet still to my dismay, that my version of Avid is too old and won’t work with the bins and sequences from the newer version I cut on at work. Looks like I’m going in early/staying late sometime this week. *sadface*


Having looked at my calendar I have decided to book another Sunday suite at the Farm which should alleviate the evening work on the wedding video. I finished yesterday’s second next time although I wasn’t happy with my music choice again. I took several attempts at it but the transition from light hearted to darker themes was tricky. I’m sure there’ll be notes from the editor. 

We had a TX party after work where we had a few drinks and some pizza whilst watching the first episode go out, which was both lovely and fun. I managed to talk to some of the production team and get to know them more, and the whole thing made me feel really part of the team. There were some great reactions to the programme from everyone there – watching in a large group provided an interesting dynamic. I left when the stragglers started trying to do the mannequin challenge. 


Today was a relatively quiet day. I spent most of it looking for interesting bits of sync from a particular doctor who will be featured in an episode. 


Two editors showed me how they had changed cuts I had done for them which was great to see and really educational. One was the next time which I’d had trouble with going from light to dark, he’d done a really good job using the stuff I’d already used and I learnt a lot. I then cut a next time for an episode which, whilst well made, lacks a little in that none of the cases are particularly dramatic. It’s one of the occupational hazards of observational documentary in that sometimes what you observe may not be the most interesting. I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done with it, the finishing editor will see it Monday when he starts his stint on the episode.

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