Oct 252016


Today was fun in a number of ways. I was given another small edit task at end of day which the editor seemed pleased with. During the day I also finally managed to find contact information for someone at a company who makes a few programmes I really enjoy and want to be a part of. I contacted and got a reply but it was just the usual ‘thanks, we’ll keep you on record.’ Better than nothing I guess.


This afternoon the monotony of trawling rig footage for GVs was interrupted by my being asked to cut a next time tease by the finishing editor – yay! This was, in his words, something he wanted to be mine so I would cut it, go to him for notes and then work on those notes. The final version, cut by me, will make it to air! This is kinda exciting!


The thought that I have some editing to do today makes me want to get up in the morning. Spent up to lunch cutting the first draft and the time just flew by (the finishing editor later likened the edit suite to the TARDIS in that time just flies by*). After lunch worked to the notes creating 4 work in progress versions before the editor was ready to show the producer. They have a viewing tomorrow so will show it then.


Today GV pulling seems even more mundane after a day of editing. Also getting a little more anxious about my lack of work for next week. I’m not so worried as I know I can survive a while without work and I plan to head to my parents for a few days if I end up with nothing for Monday, but I don’t want to think about how long I can stretch my funds for.


Today is the last day on my current contract. I still have nothing lined up. Little bit worried, but not too much. I feel like now would be a great time to do jury service, something I’d really like to do one day – sounds fascinating (on a side note I’ve just started getting into the Serial podcast. Late, I know but then I argue that most media is fairly timeless). And then, as if by magic, the production co-ordinator came to me not long before lunch asking if I was free next week! They have extended me a week and asked to pencil me through ‘til Christmas! We’ll discuss more next week she says. Yay!


Felt like working on a new version of my website. Just a few design changes, add a little content here and there, nothing too major really as I haven’t enough work to back it up – no showreel, etc. It’s not necessarily going to do anything towards my career at this stage, but it feels productive. My main problem is I spent one semester at Uni learning basic HTML and CSS and that was back in 2009. Times have a changed, my website hasn’t much.

*Sshh Dr Who fans, I know that doesn’t quite stack up, but you get the drift.

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