Dec 012016


This morning I received notes from the editor on my latest latest next time and fixed it up. I’m getting to the stage where usually my second version of a cut, i.e. the version after one set of notes, is the one that goes to channel viewing which is nice. I’ve now been tasked with finding and making generic staff interstitials as an editor may need one for backup. Time to trawl through all the staff moments that have been pulled.


I spent more time working on staff interstitials today. This is difficult as the remit is so wide that with not enough notes to point me in a direction I am literally viewing everything. I’ve also been given another next time to cut. I was a bit miffed to discover today that another assistant has been changing one of my next time cuts after a producer has given them notes. I’m unsure as to why I’m not doing the changes. I know I’m still only an assistant but editors tend to get fairly possessive of their edits – and right that they should – the creator is the owner of that which they have created at least in terms of intellectual property. It’s not uncommon for editors to have to hand on their work when they overrun or are tasked with something else, but it’s not ideal and few editors are happy with it. I’m also annoyed that he’s doing it in my bin rather than duplicating and working in his own bin. This is a small thing but a professional point of practice, and after being indoctrinated into various post facilities I am a little picky with such things.

I had a bit of a loss of concentration from middle of afternoon for no real reason, I was just oddly distracted. I couldn’t focus on one thing for very long so whilst I had planned to stay and do more to wedding video I really don’t want to and ended up leaving slightly early.


Today I finished the latest next time tease and spent rest of day just watching staff moments looking for a common theme I could use to construct an interstitial around. One editor had a great one with two sets of staff on two separate occasions talking about people’s perfumes and how they smelt nice intercut with each other so I want to do something similar, but different.


Today I was pretty much given free reign over the interstitials for a particular episode. I need to make about half a dozen at least but I’ll probably manage more than that so they have some choice. It should end up being somewhere in the region of 4-6 minutes or more of cut film which equates to about an eighth of a finished episode. I’m pretty happy about that.


I continued working on the day of interstitials and I’m quite happy with my progress. I’ve also been roped into doing guide VO recordings as one of the editors prefered my voice to theirs. This isn’t the first time I have been complimented on my speaking voice. I used to get asked to do readings at school. I quite enjoyed doing something a little different for ten minutes and it’s something I could easily say comes under the remit of edit assistant. Again I mentally checked out by 6pm but I blame it being Friday.

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