Oct 292016


This week I hope to hear from the production as to whether they can keep me on until Christmas. I’m quietly confident as I know they like me and want me to stay and that there is plenty of work. I guess they just have to make their budget work. I overheard a very complimentary and promising conversation about me at one point during the day so there’s hope. Still mostly pulling GVs today.


My job is getting more interesting as I am taking on more varied roles and being given more specific tasks. Hopefully it doesn’t end soon as I’m really enjoying getting stuck in. I also received notes from the series producer covering the episode I did the next time tease for. ‘This is in good shape, I’d be happy for this to be sent, though if we can have til Monday [we] could do a final polish Monday AM.’ Quite pleased with myself.


I heard this morning that my next time went to channel for viewing. Whilst back pulling GVs a colleague cam and asked if I would cut together a small wedding video he and some friends shot for a former colleague. I agreed to do it although tentatively as I’ve heard many horror stories both from professional wedding video makers and those who have done it as a favour. It could be a good lesson, we’ll see. I also heard through one of my WhatsApp groups about a potential job for if I don’t get extended so I’m not so anxious.


Rumours this morning are that I’m being extended. This is confirmed sometime mid morning when the post co-ordinator comes over to say they want to keep me on, get me cutting down scenes and interviews, and maybe even move me in with the finishing editor who has been championing me and giving me stuff to cut. I then receive an email from someone who was a client when I worked at The Farm and has kept in touch since. They were asking about my availability for a possible and exciting programme in the new year! Very exciting – watch this space!

I received notes back from the channel for my next time. There’s a couple of shot changes that create quite a bit of work to make it work but we get it done. The series producer will check it out tomorrow morning.


Today marks my first year as a freelancer. I’m really proud of what I’ve managed – only 5 weeks out of work and that was at my instigation to go on holiday – and 3 great contracts on programmes I really enjoy and have enjoyed making. We sent my next time off for final sign off from channel. I was then given a short interstitial to cut for one editor and a second one to cut down for the finishing editor. The first one is fun to play around with, the second is trickier as I am cutting down someone else’s edit and the scene has little coverage. I’ll get to carry both on next week.

As I’m preparing to leave I receive an email from the SP with new notes from the channel on my next time. Looks like they want a bit more of a restructure. We’ll have to deal with that first thing Monday. All this going back and forth for 30 seconds of TV! Welcome to commissioning editors!


I had to call HMRC this morning due to an error on a payslip. Not a rare occurrence in this industry when you flit from job to job as it can be hard to keep track yourself of what work you’ve done and what you’ve earnt. Fortunately it was resolved in under 12 minutes! Also updating my CV (again) and rejoining a talent base website that has just reopened after rebuilding.

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