Dec 052016


Just when life was looking pretty good for the future I received an email saying that my next job has been delayed by up to a couple of months. It’s still going ahead but filming is already behind schedule, not sure why, but this isn’t particularly uncommon – my first job on 999: What’s Your Emergency? was delayed by a week or so as organising such filming with permissions and so on is quite difficult. Whilst I like the idea of maybe doing some directing or producing later on in life, this sort of organising would put me off.

If this delay was only a week or so I would have been fine as it would allow me to have a nice long break over Christmas but a gap of at least a month is a bit of an issue so I’ll need to find a filler job. I’ll think more on that later.

Today’s work was making more interstitials for the episode I was working on last week. I’ve made quite a few now, some pretty good, some ok. I gave the finished ones to editor as their viewing has been brought forward and they needed something to drop in to break it up a bit. I was then a little annoyed to have another assistant come and ask for these interstitials so he can cut an opener for the show. I’m perfectly happy for an actual editor to rework my cuts, after all I am only assisting them, but it feels a little like having my toes trodden on when another assistant is using them. I should probably just be less petty, but I can’t help this feeling.


I finished the rest of the interstitials today and after showing them to the editor and director they both said they were really happy with my work. This feedback also makes it to the finishing editor who has kind of taken control of my workload and made sure I spend as much time cutting as possible. With any luck it is making its way to the producers too. I’m now back to searching for a particular doctor to be featured in an episode. I compiled the wedding video rough cut with a view to exporting it to show the client but I decided the opener is about 6 minutes too long so I’ll have to cut that down first. I hadn’t time today.


Today was just more searching. Nothing special really. The finishing editor said he’ll have some small interstitials to cut for him when I get a chance. Looking forward to that at the end of the week.


I finished a staff interstitial I’d had on the back burner for the same editor who’s whole day of interstitials I’d cut. He and the director really enjoyed it, more so than I expected which was a nice surprise – apparently it really fits their theme so will go straight in. This, unsurprisingly, makes me quite happy. I then spent more time searching for this doctor but tomorrow I’ll cut some more interstitials for the finishing editor.


I started this morning on cutting some moments for finishing editor. These are shorter than interstitials maxing out at about 20 seconds and I won’t add music as they’ll probably be slotted into places where he has music. I was then given a next time to cut at about 3pm and asked if possible to get a first cut to the editor by the end of the day. Bearing in mind I had to watch a 47 minute cut this would leave just over two and a half hours to cut something down; not impossible, but tight. At 6:20ish I was 7 seconds over (next time teases have to be dead on 30 seconds in duration) but my cut was in a good place. I told the editor as much and he said he was happy to take it Monday morning. I then spent another half an hour on it and got it down to time, and I was quite pleased with it, but when I went to show the editor he had left. Bit of an anticlimax to the week but he’s allowed a life too.

I had promised the client a rough cut of his wedding video by the end of the week but I still haven’t cut that intro down so perhaps I’ll nip in and do that on Saturday. It’s annoying that I can’t just do it at home as I could do it at breakfast and have the rest of the weekend to myself. Now I’ve got to consider sneaking into work and spending just a few hours on it.

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