Nov 102016


This week I began by finishing off the two interstitials I’d started last week. Both were well received by the editors who had asked for them. I then made the changes to the next time tease that the channel asked for late on Friday – these are yet to be reviewed. This is getting a little frustrating as I feel that my cut is slowly being taken apart and put back together in a less creative manner, based mostly on speculation of footage that the channel haven’t seen. I know what our limitations are and have tried to be as creative as possible with what we have. Welcome to the world of editing!

I booked a Sunday in an edit suite at The Farm as my old boss had been kind enough to say I could use a suite when they were quiet. Looking forward to a day spent with a proper suite although I know it will fly by and I won’t get enough done. Shortly before 6pm there was an issue with the network storage system meaning I couldn’t work so I, like others, left for home early.


This morning I was given the hard drive with the footage on for the wedding video I agreed to cut. Actual editing duties are increasing and I am now cutting several interstitials across a number of episodes – we are assured this trend will continue. I’m really enjoying it, not least for the fact I keep receiving good feedback. I realised at one point that I’ve all but reached my dream as I am cutting on my favourite programme, if not a full episode nor actually as an editor, but getting close. I have pretty much reached the top level in Maslow’s hierarchy – self actualisation. It’s a nice place. I spent the evening getting my long neglected Avid laptop ready for the wedding video. I’ll admit there was a small chance it wouldn’t work and I’d have to do the whole thing at the Farm on my weekends. My current plan is to do some work some evenings then get a rough cut sorted on the Sunday I’ve booked. I’ll maybe do another weekend day to finish it off.


As previously promised, the edit work has increased and this afternoon I was sat with the edit producer on one of the episodes cutting the end of stories / what happened next sequences in a bid to get the whole episode together for a viewing tomorrow. At first I thought I should hold back with my opinions and just cut as best I could to the producer’s vision but very quickly I gave up as giving my input just came naturally. What helped was that the producer valued by everything I had to say and was happy to work with my ideas. (Later I reasoned with myself that actually I shouldn’t hold back, I should give my opinions and understand their value.  I’m trying to be an editor and that’s what editors do. This partnership is in essence the job of an editor and I may blog about how that works sometime.) She loved my work, especially when I created one part off of my own back whilst she went and talked to the editor because I felt it would work well. We stayed late to get it all done but I couldn’t have been happier – I felt like a kid who had been offered all the sweets in a sweet shop with the proviso that I stayed in the shop. We left it with a few minor adjustments required, mostly to make the music work, which she said I could do myself in the morning whilst she went and filmed some interviews.


I finished the ending sequences this morning and then made changes from notes by the editor ready for the viewing in the afternoon. Apparently this went very well with only minor changes and the fact they are about 10 minutes over on their time. The producer said she would address the notes on the end sequence with me. I’ve also spent the last couple of days since receiving the wedding video drive transcoding the material in the background of my edit. This was a relatively new feature as I left edit support a year ago and so have never had the chance to use it – I’m pretty impressed.


A quieter day in terms of editing, more time spent looking for GVs or specific contributor shots. There were four channel viewings which, to the best of my knowledge went well. I also received an email pencilling me in for four months from January for second series of BBC1 Obs doc which I’m quite excited about. The job would be assembly editor so more edit work, kind of. Maybe that’s another short blog post.

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